Deleting Downloads

If you are a long time internet user, you have surely experienced this: You are navigating through a new or unfamiliar website, where you happen to click a button or perform an action that suddenly causes a file to be downloaded to your hard drive. Are you suspicious of the file? Of course you are! How then can you get rid of such a file, or any file for that matter, permanently? Read on to find out.

The usual way of deleting a file is to select it by clicking on it, and then hitting the delete key. Deleting a file in this manner simply places it in the recycle bin, which then needs to be emptied manually in order for the file to be really deleted. But does this truly delete the file? No it does not. All it means is that the file is no longer displayed, but it still exists on the hard drive.

Microsoft offers the following trick to “permanently” delete files: select a file and then press Shift + Delete. If you do this, the file will not go to the recycle bin; it will get deleted right away. But again, this trick does not really delete the file from the hard drive. Moreover, after accidentally downloading an executable file (a file with an.exe extension) to your computer, you will find that it is running and can’t be deleted.

Here’s the correct way to permanently delete files that were downloaded to your hard drive:

1. Kill the process. Often, executable files start running as soon as they are downloaded. This is a clear sign of virus activity. Start the task manager by pressing control +alt +delete, and under the “processes” tab, look for an active process with the same name as that of the downloaded file. Select the process, right-click on it, and opt to “end process”. This will terminate the execution of the program.

2. Delete the file. This can be done the usual way, by deleting the file and then clearing the recycle bin, or by using Microsoft’s “trick” of selecting the file and then pressing Shift + Delete. This ensures that the file is no longer displayed.

3. Defragment the hard drive. This is the meat and the bones of the process. Open an explorer window, select the drive in which the file was downloaded; let’s say the D drive – D:\. Select D:\, right-click on it, click on properties and under the “Tools” tab, and click on “Defragment Now”. Now sit back and relax while the program defragments and rearranges the data on your hard drive. What happens is that it reorganizes the data on your drive in such a way that it optimizes the way your data can be accessed and retrieved. It is only when you do this, that your old data as well as files are overwritten by existing data as well as blank space. This will ensure that your downloaded file is erased and overwritten.

This then is the best and safest way of deleting downloads. Good luck!

Burn Downloaded Files to DVD

There is a growing community of people who gets a kick out of downloading heaps of video files online. One catch though is whether paid or not, downloaded files need to be transferred eventually to a disc or external drives because they take huge amounts memory space from the hard drives of the users’ computers.

Burning downloaded files to DVD would be the better option. Especially for flicks and video clips, DVD can be later played on a DVD player which gives users a more decent TV viewing experience. To do this, a DVD burning software is required.

DVD burning software are used to burn downloaded files from the net or other data file from the PC. They can also burn copy-protected files from other DVDs. There are lots of copy software available in the internet; some even for free. One should however consider the cost, authenticity and features of a DVD burning software before buying one.

Downloaded video files vary in format so the user should look for an advanced burning software that supports the most popular and common file formats today. One feature that is appealing to many, even for the skilled are burning software that have easy to use interfaces. There are burning software with advanced features (e.g. having options to select the chapters or contents to burn in a single disc, option to split all the contents into 2 blank discs, pre-designed chapter templates, using one’s background images) and are still user-friendly. For users who would also want to copy from another DVDs in the future, it is good to have a copy software that can bypass enhance copy-protection schemes that are common commercially-released DVDs and CDs today.

The best way to find a reliable DVD burning program to burn downloaded files is still from reading reviews sites; so that user may learn first-hand experiences from people who have used the software themselves.

File Hosting – Benefits Of File Hosting Premium Account

The Internet is a jungle, you can’t get enough of it. Many of us are very much addicted to movies, games, music, reading books etc, and that’s why we are all in hunger of getting these stuffs. In this article I will tell you the benefits of having a premium account of major file-hosting websites.

A file-hosting company allows users to upload their stuffs and after that, files can be downloaded via a free account or a premium account. I will not be discussing about free accounts here as a premium account holds a lot of things which a free account cannot give to you. File-hosting websites have a large database of various files and contents like movies, songs, informational videos, ebooks and more which you won’t be able imagine, they have tons of files which can be downloaded easily if you have a premium account.

Below are the most important benefits of having a premium account of File Hosting Website:

  • Super-Fast servers, maximum speed while downloading.
  • Ability of using downloading managers like IDM, Flashget, DAP for downloading files.
  • No waiting, you’ll be able to download files immediately.
  • Direct download links available, just put the links and it will be automatically downloaded if you want to.
  • Extra server-slots will be also available for premium users.
  • Download as much as you want, no file-size limit.
  • Back-up your files, when you upload a file as a premium user, your uploaded file will not delete until you delete it by yourself.
  • Full-prior dedicated support, get instant reply from their staff.
  • Besides all these points, don’t forget file-hosting websites are having the largest database of files all around the internet, so your downloading hunger would not vanish. Rapidshare premium account costs around $11 / month and $86 / year, I would personally prefer to have a full one-year premium account if you are very sticky to downloads.