Free iPod Downloads – Where to Find Them

So you have your brand new iPod just sitting there, waiting to be filled with all kinds of great stuff. Now you’re excitedly wondering: “Where do I get all the best iPod downloads for free?” You are an all-around person, so you are going to want music, videos, games, and all the other wonderful goodies that come with having your very own iPod. So where do you start?

The answer to this question comes in the form of a familiar website I’m sure you have seen many times offering those ever sought-after “unlimited free downloads.” These sites generally require a small one-time fee before you can join and take advantage of all the available downloads. Now there are so many of these sites in existence that it has become difficult to sort the reality from the hype. To find out which of these sites is actually delivering, we must take into account several factors:

1. Number of Users – The number of users sharing files within the download network is just as important as the number of files being shared. This not only increases the chances of a particular file being available, it also drastically affects download speeds. It’s simple; the more users sharing files, the faster your downloads will be. Get it?

2. Number of Files – The number of files is of course important as it will bring diversity to the genres and types of media available (i.e. movies, music, games as well as subsets within that like pop music, rock music, etc.). Again, the greater the number of files, the higher the probability that they have what you are looking for.

3. Software used to download files – The organization of the software will make it easier (or harder) for you to keep track of downloaded files and actually make them accessible to your iPod. Good iPod download sites offer software converters to ensure that all files can be converted to the appropriate format for your iPod.

4. Customer Service/Guarantees – An often overlooked, but no less important factor is customer service and guarantees. A good service should be able to offer help with any complications that may arise dealing with the software or trying to get files onto your iPod. Also, money-back guarantees are very important as they provide time for you to get a feel for what’s available as far as downloads and time for comparison to other sites as far as overall service.

As long as you keep these factors in mind, there should not be much holding you back from getting all the best downloads that your iPod craves for free. You must be willing, however, to first pay a one-time fee to gain access as a member – a very small price to pay when you consider what you would be paying otherwise.

How to Download Music to Your Ipod or PSP

The process of transferring music to your favorite portal device can be frustrating. Let’s face it, whether it’s the famous Ipod or even the widely popular PlayStation Portable (PSP), there are restrictions that need to be understood, and steps that need to be followed properly to transfer songs on to either music platform.

So how do I download music to my Ipod?

Downloading music from your hard-drive to you Ipod is done with the program called Itunes. This program comes with your Ipod purchase or can be downloaded at The software is vital because it not only allows you to purchase from the popular Itunes music service, it’s also the only way you can transfer songs onto your Ipod.

So let’s look into the Itunes software, and more specifically, the Itunes library that is used to transfer songs from your hard-drive to your Ipod. You’ll find it on the left hand panel of the program. Your library contains all your songs, movies, and podcast that you want to transfer over. Through the Itunes library, you’ll be able to use their drag-and-drop feature for easy and fast transfer to your Ipod.

Before we move one to the next step, it should be made clear that songs that are downloaded from P2P clients might not show up on the Itunes library. You must add them manually, because you will not be able to transfer any songs until they are integrated into your Itunes library. Doing this is simple. Click on file>add file to library, locate the file you want to add, and press enter to complete the process. There is also the ‘add folder to library’ function which allows you to transfer a whole folder of songs into the Itunes library. This is quite handy to have if most of your songs are stored in one place on your hard drive.

Alright, let’s get back on track here. You know the proper steps in which to keep your Itunes library updated now, and the last step is a breeze. Plug in your Ipod to the USB port in your computer, and you’ll notice the new option to add songs from your Itunes library to the Ipod. Click and drag your files into the Ipod transfer screen and then you’re done! You’re now ready to explore the wonderful world of music without the burden of a large cumbersome computer to haul alongside you!

Downloading music to your PSP

The common misconception about the PSP is that it’s just to play old PlayStation games. It’s not. More and more it’s being used as a great alternative to an MP3 player, and the quality is just as good. There are however some drawback in the PSP that can make downloading music to your player extremely frustrating.

Lets get down to the drawbacks first, and what you need to know to start downloading files onto your PSP. The first is that some file extensions will not work. For example, every song downloaded from the Itunes music service will not work on the PSP because the .m4a extension, which is associated with Itunes, is not compatible with the PSP. Furthermore, if you’re a user of another popular music service such as napster, you’ll find that music downloaded from their service has restrictions placed on their files that will also not work with your PSP.

There are a few options to work around that. The first way to get around this problem is with the use of an audio conversion program. This software will convert a format such as the .m4a extension to an extension that is compatible with your PSP like the .MP3 format.

Currently, the only extensions that work with the PSP are the MP3, AAC, and WMA formats. Before you proceed on, make sure that your files end in the proper extensions!

The next step is to make sure your memory stick, which is where your songs will be stored, is formatted properly. It’s a fairly simple process. Turn on your PSP, go to system settings, and then format your memory stick. A music folder should automatically appear that will be used to place your music in.

From that point, connect your PSP to your computer, via a USB connection. Once that’s done, a new diskette folder should appear in your ‘my computer folder’, in which to drag and drop music files to play on your PSP.

File Sharing for Large Files

How do I share my files with you, I have files larger than 25MB? A client asked.

Well, there are many ways to upload large files on the web. I personally use the 3 file sharing procedures because it’s simple, pain free, very basic and easy to understand especially for normal and non-tech people.

1. You will need to register for an account and you can upload and download files, photos and videos. This is very convenient because you can access this from anywhere you are. Also you can invite people to share your folder.

Normally you get an allowance of so much free 2GB of space for free if you register. However, If you have a file larger than that, subscriptions are available up to 100GB for an additional fee.

If you invite people to share your folder, they will in turn, need to register with to view your folder and for that referral, you got an additional 250 MB additional space.

2. Another way to upload large files is via You may be able to send files for free up to 50mb. If your file exceeds that, than a subscription fee is required or you have other options, like use it and pay per use only.

3. Last but not least, is Filezilla, if you are familiar with this.

What is Filezilla? Filezilla is a free open source ftp service you can download from the internet and run it in your computer. You may be able to upload and download files directly to your webhost. This method is commonly used by webmasters when they are building a website or maintaining one.

For me this is the best way, since you are paying for your webhost already, why not use it for file sharing as well? But this is not for the faint of hearts. It could be confusing for a normal layman or a non-tech person, since I do know some techies who are struggling with this method even though it may seem simple.

This is how Filezilla looks like. First you connect to your server with your host login name and password. And once you are connected you just drag and drop the files.

Usually the files on the left side is your local file and the ones on the right side are the files residing in your server or webhost. If you need to upload a file, you just drag the file from the left to the right and if you download a file, you will need to drag the file from the right to the left depending on where you local host and server host is located.

Sounds easy isn’t it?