How to Download Music or Movies to Your PSP

Downloading and transferring music or movies to your PSP may seem confusing at first, but after reading some useful tutorials online I found it simple even for the notice user. I must admit although being computer savy myself, I was lost when I first tried to hook it up. I wanted to share some useful knowledge for those of you who, like myself, want an easy step by step guide to uploading files to your Sony PSP.

1. Connect the PSP to your PC with a USB cable. (If you do not have a USD cable you can pick one up at Walmart, Best Buy or Circuit City).

2. Press the “home” button on the PSP (look in the lower left of your screen) and then use the left-right directional buttons to find Settings. Then the up-down buttons to find the USB Connection on the PSP.

3. Press the X button and your PSP will display the USB Connection.

4. In about 5 seconds or two your computer will pop up with a new USD connection in the bottom right hand corner.

5. Click on the drive letter that corresponds to the PSP, it is probably E or F drive since the D drive is typically your CD-Rom.

6. Now create a new folder on that drive and name it whatever you would like.

7. In the new folder you can create sub folders for music, movies, or other files.

8. Copy your desired files in your desired folder.

9. When you’re finished copying your desired files, press the O button on the PSP to get out of USB connect mode.

That’s all there is to it and repeat as necessary. If you are looking a website to download PSP Music, Movies or Games visit the website below.

How to Avoid Illegal Downloading

It is easy to avoid illegal music, movie and even game download problems: just watch the legal stuff.

If you download any copyright-protected files using a peer-to-peer service, which almost every download program are, you could end up with a lawsuit and a bill on 150,000 US dollar.

There are a lot of people who think that the chances of being caught, is so small or far away from them that they take the chance, and download illegal. Of course, it is their choice so they have no one else to blame than themselves when they stand with a lawsuit. However, why would you take the chance when there are many legal download services accessible online.

Many people also incorrectly think that membership sites offer only P2P file sharing software, and that every other sort of downloading is going to be too expensive. Those people are terribly wrong, there are lots of membership sites, that offer unlimited legal downloads to their members, of course as long as you pay your member ship or have a lifetime subscription. Another type of downloading could be the one, where the customer has to pay an amount for each song that they download.

Some payment download sites also has some illegal stuff, but it is possible to avoid the illegal downloads through those P2P software’s. You can either tell the program to deny you access, when trying to download illegal files, or you can tell the program to reduce the search, so that it only searches for the legal files. You can of course also find a website to download from, which offers files licensed for downloading. You will be very unlikely and lucky to get free legal downloads.

And to get access to paid sites is very inexpensive, especially when you go for one-time payment membership. When I say cheap, it means that you have to deposit a fee of 20-40 US dollar and then you will get respectively: one year, two year and lifetime subscription. When you have paid the fee you are then free to download until your subscription runs out; which it of course won’t if you have a lifetime subscription.

The programs then also features almost every file you want, while it is close to be free, and first of all: it’s legal. Those file libraries, offers licensed files for download or streaming, and it is a hundred percent legal, and therefore also the safest way to download files.

When just following this ‘rule’ it is easy, to avoid illegal download issues (and a law suit). All you do is to download legal files, which many sites online offers for a cheap membership fee. Remember that the cost of illegal downloads can be high if you get caught.

What You Should Know Before Download Any Digital Products Online

Today, it is very easy to download many files online, using fast Internet broadband connection. The files could be music, movies, software, TV shows and more. For download efficiency, these files are compressed.

Many people use peer to peer networks as a method to download music, movies, and games online. Peer to peer technologies allow sharing large data files on the web. Today, there are 240 million users trading on legal file-sharing networks. Sharing is not illegal as long as you obey all relevant copyright laws. Using P2P programs to download and distribute copy righted music, movies and games without permission is illegal.

However, in the peer-to-peer network, almost of the movies, music, and games are illegal or pirated copies. So you can be guilty in the eyes of the copyrights and privacy laws. Because the World Wide Web is not 100% secure and safe, spywares, adwares, viruses or Trojans, when downloading files on the web on unsafe websites can infect your computer. So be aware!

Some download center provides thousand’s of digital products online. If your are looking for movies games, to download, you can browse by categories and find related sites. These websites usually charges one time memberships fee for unlimited download. Some of the websites are certified spyware and adware free. So It is very important to read and accept the certificate of agreement of these site before purchasing any download plan (1 year membership or unlimited membership)

These products reside on a server which is either hosted on the internet, or is a folder on a personal computer. So, downloadable products such as e-books, movies, software can be accessed directly from a link on the internet or an area stored on your computer.

Download E-books are very easy and usually, free from viruses or other malware, because it is the PDF files. After you found your interested subject, visit the website of the vendor and place your order. Usually, on the downloads center, there is the collection of all secure websites, so your order is safe and 100% secure using 128 bits technology. After your processing, you will be directed to the download page, where you can open your e-book in PDF format or choose to download it on Your Computer.

It is very easy and useful because you can read your e-book offline or print it anywhere with any printer. How to do it even if you are a dummy? After right clicked on the download link, click on “save target as” and choose the folder in which you want to save your e-book (you can create a new one as. “Golf”), and click on the save button and that is all.

To open, read, and print these e-books, you need Acrobat Reader software. Fortunately, you can download a free copy of Acrobat Reader software by going to adobe website